Holyport W.I. meeting in October began with the singing of Jerusalem. Mary welcomed all in Jen’s absence.

Our speaker for the evening had been Toni Kent, Toni kindly agreed to judge the competition for us. Her subject for the talk was “I need a Wife.” the poem to be judged by her had been a 5 lined limerick called ‘The Wife.”

Janet was called upon next to read out our next walk number 45 Dorney to Boveney Church on the 20th of November, everyone to meet up at Dorney Garden Centre car park and proceed from there to Boveney.

Janet reported on the two previous walks one in September, Holyport to Bray lake and the October walk to Harcourt Arboretum in Oxford. Janet said both had been a great success. Janet was thanked for organizing the walks for us all.

The committee asked the members if they would like a social evening at our Christmas meeting. The suggestions from the committee were for a tabletop quiz, some singing of carols and maybe a demonstration on how to make a Christmas wreath for a door. Most members were in favour of these ideas.

Mary told us about fundraising for Holyport Memorial Hall, it is estimated that they need to raise one million pounds, it is likely to be a long term project up to 5years in total. On the 24th of October there will be a pop up session at the local shops to assess the public’s opinion, and to answer any queries people might have on the project.

Mary then introduced us to the speaker for the evening Toni Kent.

Toni introduced herself and then went on to tell us briefly about her life, her upbringing, and how she had progressed from secretarial work at corporate level to

a change of career and a turn towards journalism. Toni said she had written a few pieces for well known magazines which led her on to publishing a few of her poems. The poems she recited to us were very funny, her insight into modern day life for young Mothers and their families reflected in her poems. Debbie gave her the vote of thanks from all of us.

The winner of the competition for a five lined limerick was Ann M. Pauline L came second and Jean H third.

Mary informed us for our next meeting those that are attending need to bring needle, cotton and scissors for a craft item we will be making. Mary reminded all if they were unable to attend this meeting please let her know due to the ordering of materials needed for the craft item.

The meeting came to a close at 9.45pm.

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