Holyport W.I. Monthly Report for October

Holyport W.I. met on Thursday the 10th of October.  With Jen being on holiday Mary took the meeting. We had several apologies and one visitor Sarah S. Mary signed the minutes of our last meeting.

Mavis had provided a lovely flower arrangement for the Presidents Table.

Sheila C and Carole C were hostesses for the evening Mary thanked them both and Mavis.  Penny gave out details of a possible Outing to a Brandenburg Traditional Concert after a discussion it was decided this is unlikely to take place. Mary told us that the Quiz night had been cancelled but a possible date in the Spring could be arranged.

A member’s Declaration form on Behaviour Policy was sent round for all to sign. Pauline proposed on behalf of the committee that our Christmas Social would include Poems from the Poetry group, Bingo, a quiz also Carol singing. Pauline asked for any other ideas from the members. Members were also asked if anyone would be willing to host a New Year Social gathering at their house.

Mary introduced our speaker Mr. Peter Hague his subject “CLIVEDEN” Power, Politics and Scandal. Peter took us back to the early days of Cliveden before the Astors lived there. Lord and Lady Astor inherited the house from his father, given to the couple as a wedding present. They lived there from the early 1900’s, 1920’s and 30’s being  it’s heyday. The National Trust bought the house in 1942 but allowed the Astor’s son to remain in it until the late sixty’s. In 1985 it became a Hotel which it still is to this day.

Peter gave a very interesting talk which drew a lot of interest from the audience when the Profumo Affair was mentioned, most of us remembered the events but Peter was able to tell us some very interesting facts not known by everyone. Diane thanked Peter for the talk and we recessed for refreshments.

Geoff Hayes had come to the meeting to judge the best photograph of Cliveden. Shan was pronounced the winner with Penny second. The winners of the flower of the month went to Diane and Wendy joint first. The meeting closed at 9.55pm.

Next month Mary will be taking us for a Craft workshop making Robin decorations. Members will require a sharp pair of scissors and a ruler.

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