Jen our President wished us all a Happy New Year. Mary proceeded to take the meeting this month. Visitors were all welcomed one from Moneyrow Green W.I. and some friends of a member from Langley. Hazel provided the table flowers and Janet the birthday posies. A show of hands to indicated an interest in a Social evening sometime in January/February were taken. A request for someone to host this evening in their house went out, so far no-one has offered. Penny collected our subs due in January, a reminder also to members, to pay them by February. Resolution forms need to be collect by February too.

Mary then read out the Berkshire News. One of our members Diane had recently visited Battle and the Abbey, with the use of slides she was able to give a talk on the history of the town of Battle and the events back in 1066. Diane was very knowledgable about the background information that lead up to Williams invasion and the battle that took place. Many of King Harold’s army were crushed in the battle as depicted in the Bayeux tapestry, a copy of which can be seen at Reading Museum. With the help of her husband Geoff, Diane had been able to take many photographs of her visit which also included a visit to Bodiam Castle and Rudyard Kipling’s Jacobean house. Diane finally finished her talk with the poem ‘Reeds of Runnymede’ by Kipling. Mary gave the vote of thanks to Diane and Geoff for their interesting talk.

After a ballot Pam was selected to be our delegate at the NFWI Annual Meeting this year at the Royal Albert Hall. Carole won the flower of the month competition and it was announced that the 3rd Inter Quiz will be on 31st March Knowl Hill.

The meeting closed at 9.40pm.

Next month is our birthday meeting the speaker will be Bryony and Joe Humm with a ‘Holiday in Costa Rica’. The competition next month will be for a green heart made in any medium, not to exceed 30cm in any direction.

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